Before I found about about Venorex I was using compression socks.

The non-medical version of what they do is actually very simple to explain. They are very tight socks. If you snowboard or ski and you wear those knee high warm socks that are quite tight you have worn a version of compression socks in the past.

Compression socks and stockings help blood flow upwards. Remember we talked about varicose veins pushing blood the wrong way? Well the compression in the socks helps your blood go back to your heart. It’s that simple!

Something to keep in mind is that compression socks are a ‘symptom reliever’ and not a solution. Just like if you get headaches all the time then some pills only help fix the symptom. The pill is not the solution.

So compression stocking will help relive the pain varicose vines can bring and they will help hid the nasty visual appearance. My recommendation is to use compression socks in combination with Venorex.

This way you get fast relief if you are in pain and swelling is reduced. All while the varicose vein cream helps fix your problem over time.