Everyone knows what they are just from the name, right? They are those ugly blue veins that can look swollen, nasty and somewhat ‘bubbly’ popping out from under your skin.

But what causes them? And why do they pop out like they do?

Great question! Let me explain.

Simply put your veins are not working properly. When blood flows in your veins normally and you don’t have varicose veins your bloods is flowing in one direction though your veins.

Seeing varicose veins, and to keep this simple, means that your blood is flowing backwards and your veins start to become enlarged and get that nasty look you are familiar with. If this is kind of hard to understand take a look at the image below.


The most commonly effected areas that varicose veins will appear is on your legs.

That is because the pressure in your legs pumping blood back up towards your heart. This about it logically. There is a lot of blood that needs be pumped back up your body so more pres sue is needed. Just like a water pipe. Even more pressure is needed when you’re standing up compared to lying down.

Normally when you start to get varicose veins it will only get worse if left untreated.

What should you look for? What are the symptoms:

  • Cosmetic: You will start to see your veins popping through your skin. There is no pain or other problems caused.
  • Pain: When and if you start to fell pain this means your varicose veins have gone past the cosmetic stage. You might fell more pain when you stand up
  • Severe Case: If you have lots of swelling, thickening skin, ulceration and lots of pain. Then you are at a point were you must take action to reverse your varicose veins as your situation will only get worse.
I hope this helps you in understanding what varicose veins are. If you are suffering and what to clean up your skin I recommend heading back to the home page so you can read up on varicose vein creams I’ve tried in the past to clean up my skin.